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Select a School Select a School. Sign In. Search Our Site. Enroll Now Jobs Newsletter Vendors. Home Our School ". School News. School Calandar Comments Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. District News. Comments Columbus City Schools Kicks Off the School Year with Convocation Columbus City Schools proudly welcomes back our teachers, administrators, and staff as we kick-off the school year! Although patrons could operate both cartridge insertion methods, they indicated that the one featuring a slot in the center of the front edge was preferable. This model also allowed significantly smaller player size.

Most appreciated the retractable handle, but some had difficulty finding and pulling it out. Power cord storage was found to be effective. Patrons approved of a simplified sleep button and suggested improving the accessibility of the cartridge mailing container. Based on patron and librarian feedback, engineers recommended ways to fine tune the DTB system. NLS evaluated this information and accepted the modified design of the basic player.

However, additional refining and testing is needed before the machine will be fully suited to patron needs. NLS wishes to further reduce player size without hindering button size and spacing, cord storage, or audio quality and wants to improve the operation of the fast-forward and rewind functions. NLS did not approve the advanced player concept model, citing the need for further testing to refine its features and functions. Another key outcome was NLS's selection of the center-insertion method for the cartridge.

This option allows for cartridges to be inserted into the player much like a debit card would be inserted into an automated teller machine. Additionally, NLS approved the proposed cartridge design, shape, and label concepts. Labels will feature increased information in braille as well as title and author segments in thirty-six point type for maximum legibility.

DTB engineers will continue to be busy in Over the next few months, their primary focus will be implementing the latest refinements to both the basic and advanced players. The modified players will then undergo follow-up usability tests at the Connecticut and Virginia regional libraries with eligible NLS staff.

Patrons will check refinements to player user interfaces and hardware, including the basic machine's fast-forward and rewind functions. When the two players' overall designs are settled, the design team will shift its focus to software development and testing. Other aspects of the overall DTB program will also be addressed. Development will continue on the Web download project, a digital archive, and the DTB distribution system. Presents "fascinating facts and firsthand accounts" of the development and demise of these lighthouses. Frisch read by John Fulks 1 cassette Offers teens advice on preparing and looking for a job, contacting potential employers, creating a cover letter and resume, and interviewing.

Includes a chapter for people with disabilities. For junior and senior high readers. Some strong language. Includes tips to minimize fatigue and other ailments, describes labor-saving methods, and offers all kinds of advice. Follows his musical career, including his debut album with Apple Records in , as well as his marriages and troubling substance abuse. Fairchild read by Peter Lavezzoli 1 cassette Collection of prose poems from the American heartland. National Book Critics Circle Award.

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Hobsbawm recalls his childhood in Vienna and Berlin, move to England in , and ardent embrace of world communism at Cambridge University. Also describes his teaching career, love of jazz, and the political and intellectual climates of the many countries he visited. The Skeptic: A Life of H. Drawing on private autobiographical papers, Teachout portrays the passionate newspaperman and his scathing commentaries in the context of his own time. He candidly discusses Mencken's talents and shortcomings as a political and literary thinker. Basso read by Gary Tipton 2 cassettes Anthropologist explores the meaning of geography and place names in the Apache culture.

Offers insights based on his travels with horsemen in Arizona, prolonged talks with informants about the significance of place, and trained observations about the use of place names in ordinary conversation. Western States Book Award. Massie read by Lou Harpenau 8 cassettes in 2 containers Pulitzer Prize-winning historian expands on his bestselling title Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War RC to chronicle the WWI maritime engagements of the world's two largest navies.

Extensive narrative analyzes mobilization, battles, ships, policies, and commanders of England and imperial Germany from to Examines the battle's strategic, operational, and tactical decisions and the significance of the victory to the Revolution. Offers plans for investing, teaching kids about money, spending wisely, and aligning resources with personal values.

Revised edition of the original includes success stories and Internet strategies. Bush and Bill Clinton chronicles the peace process from the s to Drawing on his notes and journals, he analyzes the characters and strategies of key players and presents reasons for the eventual breakdown in diplomacy. Strong language. Follows the group through recruitment, training, active duty, and postwar lives. Discusses cultural factors and American military attitudes.

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The Dark Heart of Italy RC by Tobias Jones read by George Holmes 3 cassettes English author, who moved to Italy in , explores the country's recent history and often overlooked political influences. Jones found topics of language, sports, visual culture, and Catholicism inexorably linked to contemporary politics, prompting him to probe the wide-ranging authority of controversial prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Weir examines evidence of Mary's culpability, her religious policy, and key players in events leading up to Darnley's death. Also includes selected love poems inspired by Laura, his unrequited passion.

Born in , Banks chronicles his forced placement in a boarding school by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, later reconciliation with his Ojibwa family, and Air Force service. Chronicles surrounding events and the hate crime's social and political aftermath that forced Jasper to reexamine race relations. She recreates that novel-in-progress here, gives a history of the lost Chinese Books of Peace, and reflects on her years running a writing workshop for veterans.

RC by Robert T. Kiyosaki read by Erik Synnestvedt 1 cassette The author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad RC and other books instructs teens on becoming financially intelligent by learning the language of money, understanding how economics works, and avoiding pitfalls on the way to monetary security. For senior high and older readers. Senate majority leader Describes how Mans-field's longtime expertise in Asian affairs enabled him to offer constructive opposition to the Vietnam War, to serve twelve years as ambassador to Japan, and to initiate America's rapprochement with China for President Nixon.

Late Beethoven: Music, Thought, Imagination RC by Maynard Solomon read by Gordon Gould 2 cassettes Author of Beethoven RC analyzes the composer's thought and music during his last fifteen years, when his world outlook, belief systems, and compositional style underwent deep transformations. Uses Beethoven's diaries and other writings to trace the diverse literary and mystical sources that stimulated his radical creative expansion. They traverse mountain jungles, land-mined forests, and marketplaces to look for animals and gather hairs for DNA clues to the golden bear's evolution.

Describes his difficult upbringing from which he emerged an unlikely success, noting career highlights like the movie Caddyshack and opening his own club. Jokes throughout. Frequently references his use of drugs and alcohol. Foreword by comedian Jim Carrey. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. The Best American Poetry, RC edited by Lyn Hejinian read by Gordon Gould 2 cassettes Noted poet, essayist, and editor presents seventy-five poems she considers among the best published in Although the verses are arranged alphabetically, Hejinian sees "extraordinary resonances" between adjacent poems.

Describes his fellow soldiers' courage and corruption in "a story about war, about the things men do in war and the things war does to them. Violence and strong language. The Complete Shade Gardener RC by George Schenk read by Gary Tipton 3 cassettes Discusses the creation of a shady retreat covering all the basics from determining the site and preparing the soil to fending off pests and selecting specific trees, shrubs, groundcovers, ferns, perennials, annuals, and edibles.

Expanded update of edition, with a appendix. Charting a Course to Wellness RC by Treena Kerr and Graham Kerr read by Kerry Cundiff 4 cassettes Celebrity chef Graham Kerr and his wife, Treena, share their journey of life, love, and healthy eating since Treena's battle with heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Includes more than four hundred recipes that contain fewer fats and carbohydrates and that list nutritional information and ADA exchanges.

Hersh read by Ted Stoddard 3 cassettes Pulitzer prize-winning journalist investigates charges of malfeasance, duplicity, and human-rights abuse during the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq during George W. Bush's administration. Hersh probes the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad; intelligence failures before September 11, ; alleged Saudi corruption; and the shortcomings in war and reconstruction planning. The guitarist recalls his career, beginning with his early days in Tennessee and Georgia, by focusing on guitars he's had over the years. Describes the evolution of his guitars' construction and includes anecdotes about favorite instruments.

Introduction by Jerry Reed. Provides advice on the best way to apply lipstick, tie a Windsor knot, handle job interviews, make conversation, give and receive compliments, do laundry, be a good houseguest, kiss, and plan and pack for a trip. Hardy and Jason Clarke read by Bill Wallace 2 cassettes Authors criticize documentary filmmaker Moore's flawed methodology, inaccuracies, and socially irresponsible left-wing pontificating.

Traces the now-wealthy Moore's previous careers and exposes examples of fallacies, fabrications, and mythmaking in his books and films. Includes several articles from international sources. Who Let the Dogs In? Account of buffalo soldier Cathy Williams, purportedly the first African American woman to disguise herself as a man in order to serve in the U.

Prize-winning historian traces Williams's escape from slavery, civilian employment as Army laundress, enlistment, and ultimate independence as a businesswoman. Keller explains her own desire to remedy the public's perceived lack of appreciation for the critical role played by the inventive, dedicated woman who helped her to communicate with the world. Focuses on the period between and , when Keynes formulated plans for financing England's war effort.

Skidelsky also explores the rivalry between Britain and and America for postwar superiority. Greek storyteller known as the father of history. Analyzes text of Herodotus's Histories RC Hesitates to label him a historian, arguing instead that the great work encompasses "fiction and nonfiction, myth and history, and. Seeking Enlightenment. Barr's essays on a variety of topics from forgiveness and humility to "getting into heaven" reflect her personal search for meaning after the devastating failure of her marriage--a journey from atheism to faith.

Discusses seven steps to produce change: enlarge your vision, develop a healthy self-image, discover the power of your thoughts and words, let go of the past, find strength through adversity, live to give, and choose to be happy. Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon: The Expert's Guide to Safe, Successful Surgery RC by Robert Kotler read by John Richardson 2 cassettes Experienced cosmetic surgeon provides a guide to selecting a skilled medical professional, negotiating fees, engaging in a consultation, and obtaining answers to common questions.

Also gives advice on anesthesia, medicine, herbs, skin products, and after-care procedures. Moran read by Janis Gray 2 cassettes A nurse provides practical information to teens on living with diabetes. Discusses the disease, managing it, treatment options including the insulin pump, and related social issues such as driving, traveling, and drinking alcohol. Klamm read by Jack Fox 1 cassette Magician describes living with congenital optic atrophy disorder. He reveals with wit and humor how his profession helped to build his self-confidence.

He explains easy tricks that demonstrate the concept "the hand is quicker than the eye. Yankees and a subsequent World Series victory. The writers conversed by e-mail, with O'Nan offering play-by-play analysis and King commenting on personalities and performances. Part medical guide and part practical advice on caring for and understanding cancer treatment and its effects.

Includes candid discussion of emotional, physical, and sexual reactions and coping options. Focuses on mental regrouping, diet, and exercise to develop a "stress-resilient" lifestyle. Describes the impact on team dynamics of Kobe Bryant's felony sexual assault charge. Columbarium RC by Susan Stewart read by Laura Giannarelli 1 cassette Nearly forty poems expressing the bond between the living and the dead in voices of parent to child, lover to beloved, and mortal to the gods. Verses explore universal human truths, classical and Biblical figures, and the natural elements air, fire, earth, and water.

Quotes Sheeran on his role in organized crime and on what transpired the night Hoffa disappeared. Strong language, some descriptions of sex, and some violence. Includes anecdotes and stories of dining at home and with her good friends. Documents the role of universities in research, alleges big companies' manipulation of the Food and Drug Administration, and decries failures of Congress to reform policy. Polk Award. Magical Thinking: True Stories RC by Augusten Burroughs read by Michael Scherer 2 cassettes The author of Running with Scissors RC relates humorous anecdotes about his difficult childhood, advertising career, alcoholism, and quest for fulfillment as a writer and gay man.

Burroughs recounts a relationship with an undertaker and his adventures with domestic help. Descriptions of sex and strong language. Describes her home life and Christian upbringing. Relates the experiences of consulting a blind psychologist about her disability, and relearning the sport. Rick Bass explores one's connection to place and environment in "A Texas Childhood.

They recall basketball games, discuss the history of the National Basketball League, talk about themselves, and gossip. The Power of a Praying Husband RC by Stormie Omartian read by Margaret Strom 2 cassettes Bestselling author presents advice, personal anecdotes of Christian men, prayers, and scriptural passages to help husbands implement meaningful changes in marriage.

Topics include a wife's emotions, sexuality, ways of protecting a spouse, and the future. The Power of a Praying Wife RC by Stormie Omartian read by Margaret Strom 1 cassette Bestselling Christian author suggests ways a woman's prayer can strengthen marriage and help husbands cope with work, finances, sexuality, health, fatherhood, and faith.

Includes prayers, "power tools," and real-life examples of marital growth, renewal, and restoration. Includes anecdotes about lying to friends for five years for "cover," spying in Macedonia, and failing to find love. Describes Yellow Wolf's youth, the battle of Big Hole, the savagery of whites, the surrender at Bear's Paw Battlefield, and his life as a fugitive. Henry Kissinger remembers his Jewish soccer team in Nazi Germany, actor Tony Danza recalls his boxing career, and acquaintances of September 11, , heroes reflect on their early sports experiences.

Foreword by Jim Brown. Frey relates contacting Modesto, California, police in December and later testifying against Peterson when he was tried for murder. She attributes faith in God for sustaining her throughout the ordeal. Details the probe's two dozen orbits of Jupiter and data it transmitted concerning the moon Europa's ice and Io's volcanoes. For junior and senior high and older readers. I Believe In. They examine ethical and moral issues in relation to their personal beliefs and discuss their evolving spiritual feelings. This chronicle picks up seven years later as Hayden seeks out the now-thirteen-year-old Sheila to renew their bond and record events of the intervening time.

Pulitzer Prize. Details corrupt business practices and complex financial manipulations that undermined the profitable firm. Portrays the characters associated with the scandal, from executives who betrayed their stockholders to political figures. A four-part program includes inventorying your current diet, adjusting to balanced portions and nutritional diversity, reintegrating favorite foods in proper measure, and maintenance.

Discusses grocery shopping, food preparation, simple exercise, and secrets of Frenchwomen. Includes recipes. Describes what it is and the way it is determined. Discusses related topics: FICO scores, credit reports, and the impact of debt, bankruptcy, divorce, unemployment, and identity theft. Discusses ethical and political issues; religious texts; the roles of brahmins, gurus, and storytellers in the transmission of divine truths; and the place of women and "untouchables" in society.

Her history encompasses the evolution of women's healing roles, the bonds of the extended family, and the social upheaval in her traditional community brought about by alcohol abuse. The Odes of Horace RC by Horace read by Robert Blumenfeld 2 cassettes More than one hundred short poems by the influential Roman poet who celebrated the commonplace during the reign of the Emperor Augustus. Subjects include birthdays, virtue, wishes, safe journeys, and success in love and politics. Translated into idiomatic American English by scholar David Ferry.

Poems are in English and Latin. Describes Shakur's musical legacy, his brief acting career, and his legal entanglements. The prosecutors successfully tie Peterson to a previous death and reveal crucial flaws in the supposedly happy marriage, including sexual deviance and money problems. Violence and some strong language. Offers a seven-step program every individual can follow to become a peacemaker. The Book Nobody Read: Chasing the Revolutions of Nicolaus Copernicus RC by Owen Gingerich read by Butch Hoover 2 cassettes Astrophysicist documents his quest to see every surviving first and second edition of De revolutionibus by Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus , who theorized a heliocentric solar system.

Gingerich's journey illuminates historic tensions between science and the Church and the impact of Copernicus's text, once branded "the book nobody read. Language in Danger: The Loss of Linguistic Diversity and the Threat to Our Future RC by Andrew Dalby read by Robert Blumenfeld 3 cassettes Linguistic historian addresses the rapid disappearance of the world's native tongues as national languages, including English, are increasingly adopted by minority peoples.

Drawing on historical examples, Dalby laments these vernacular losses and stresses the need for a "multiplicity of languages" to preserve the knowledge and cultural traditions embodied within them. History Begins at Sumer: Thirty-nine Firsts in Recorded History RC by Samuel Noah Kramer read by Ken Kliban 3 cassettes Collection of essays discussing a cross section of spiritual and cultural achievements of the Sumerians, the ancient Mesopotamian civilization that developed the first known cities circa B. From surviving clay tablet inscriptions, foremost Sumerologist Kramer describes humanity's "firsts" in the fields of politics, education, philosophy, law, science, and more.

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French read by Bill Quinn 2 cassettes African American New York Times reporter examines contemporary African problems he views as legacies of colonization: the AIDS epidemic, genocide, exploitation of natural resources, and the development of tyrannies with tacit Western support. Describes his experiences investigating the lives of Africans in Nigeria, Liberia, and Mali.

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Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. Three American teenagers--Michael, Rick, and Kit--venture into East Berlin, where they are detained by the secret police. Michael's father and Rick's German mother rush to rescue them. But Rick has information that will endanger everyone. Some explicit descriptions of sex, some violence, and some strong language. Distant Shores RC by Kristin Hannah read by Susan McInerney 3 cassettes During their twenty-four years of marriage, Elizabeth Shore has devoted her life to Jack and their two daughters while ignoring her dream of painting.

When Jack is offered a high profile sportscaster job in New York, Elizabeth begins to question her own priorities. African American novelist and professor Lew Griffin is alerted to an emergency room patient clutching one of his books--a copy Lew had given to his long-lost son, David. As Lew struggles to find a connection, his detective skills help him search for a missing teenager. Lew was somewhat successful in missing persons cases he was working on in , , , and But troubled by his past, Griffin's biggest challenge yet may be to find himself. Strong language and some violence.

After the death of his friend LaVerne, Lew is drawn back to his former business. He searches the streets for LaVerne's daughter, Alouette, a habitual drug user. She joins a health club, makes friends, and writes in her diary. An unexpected inheritance and a vacation in Italy help her gain insight into her life. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. With her assets frozen, Laura looks for help from Jeff's older brother--who is her former lover. Some explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language.

When he agrees to investigate the disappearance of former stockboy Jimmy Broda for the teen's grandfather, Nick enters a world of drugs and crime. Worse yet, Lew hasn't written any-thing in years. These events force him to reexamine his life and priorities. The Wall RC by Marlen Haushofer read by Celeste Lawson 2 cassettes A solitary woman chronicles her experiences trapped in the forest behind an invisible, impenetrable wall--the result of a "catastrophe" that seems to have snuffed out the rest of humanity.

With her unorthodox animal family, she struggles to survive and cope with her losses and fears. Originally published in German. Some violence. Alice's roommate, Leo Frawley, pronounces Ray a "slimeball. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Le Guin read by Celeste Lawson 2 cassettes In sixteen interrelated stories Sita Dulip of Cincinnati, bored by sitting in airports, discovers she can journey to other planes of existence while waiting for her flight.

She visits a realm where people rarely speak past childhood, and Christmas Island, where Christmas Eve lasts all year. Released from slavery, Gideon Ledbetter joins the U. He clashes with Gray Horse, a Comanche warrior struggling to preserve his tribe's culture against the encroaching settlers.

Reunion RC by Michael B.

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Recalling the six-day engagement, the veterans confront their quests for closure and redemption, the war's lingering aspects, and a fifty-year-old mystery. The future looks bright when restaurant owner Brad Jackson hires Linda. The discovery of gold in the Black Hills has in-undated the area with beef-hungry miners. Rival Montana and Wyoming outfits composed of cowboys, Indians, and high-spirited womenfolk drive their cattle through Sioux country, despite a treaty, to the boomtown where a deadly surprise awaits.

Morgan hides out among the Cheyenne Indians until their rebellion against the whites ends. He then resumes his feud with the Cades. Blind magistrate Sir John Fielding and assistant Jeremy investigate the death of a young girl pulled from the Thames River. They search for the mother, who had sold her daughter into slavery, but their quest soon involves another murder, a disappearance, and a trip to the races. McNally also assists his father with a contested will and becomes involved with state trooper Georgia O'Hara.

Nance read by Gregory Gorton 3 cassettes Retired airtanker pilot Clark Maxwell takes to the skies to help fight wild-fires raging in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. After a deadly plane crash and a series of mysterious incidents, Maxwell suspects foul play and launches an investigation of the aging DC-6 fleet's owner. McAllister nurses the Spanish boy back to health and teaches him the secrets of mountain men.

From the Terrace RC by John O'Hara read by Mark Ashby 8 cassettes in 2 containers Reissue Pennsylvania banking tycoon Alfred Eaton's life reflects upper-class American manners and values in the first half of the twentieth century. Although he is outwardly successful, Eaton's private world is basically loveless. Smoke Screen RC by Kyle Mills read by Christopher Walker 2 cassettes As his industry faces a billion-dollar lawsuit, reluctant tobacco heir Trevor Barnett, their newest spokesman, makes an outrageous move to save his company and thus becomes the target of public outrage.

Meanwhile, he works secretly with anti-smoking lobbyist Anne Kimball, the object of his affections. Resigned to a passionless marriage, petroleum geologist John Waters pines over his once-obsessive love for Mallory Candler, murdered ten years ago. When an intriguing stranger sparks a familiar response, the inextricable but impossible link to the past could destroy him.

Explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and strong language. Frank Allard learns that deputy Tom Yeager has been murdered. Frank's determination to avenge his only friend leads him to Winona Basin, where he encounters troubled Joyce Lenifee and danger. Some descriptions of sex. Dick read by Ray Childs 2 cassettes With the universe in social and economic disintegration, the supreme leader, the Quizmaster, is chosen by a random game.

Recently dismissed biochemist Ted Benteley signs on to work with current Quizmaster Verrick. When Verrick is ousted, Benteley joins a plot to assassinate the successor.

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Soon they fall in love but face a heartbreaking separation when Jennifer must suddenly return home. We meet Hank Grammar, who delivers gospel to the neighborhood pets; Reverend Oren Cullen, who is falling in love with massage therapist Desiree Parka; and Talitha Leigh, who is ensnared by a religious cult. In "Timber Line" , a newcomer taking refuge from a fierce winter storm is mistakenly identified as a vengeful outlaw. Their search uncovers crosses and double crosses among a dead congressman and a Mafia boss and his old college roommate, formerly of the CIA.

When his superiors dismiss the danger, Tom assembles a makeshift counterterrorism team of loyal officers, elderly veterans, misfit teenagers, and his child-hood crush Kelly Ashton. Strong language, some explicit descriptions of sex, and some violence. The assignment gets larger than Birch anticipated when he confronts his own strengths, weaknesses, and cultural prejudices. After seven years in juvenile detention for kidnapping and murder, the two are released and become prime suspects when other children begin disappearing from the neighborhood.

After her husband's death, Kinyan Holloway needs a man to help manage her ranch. Refusing a proposal from bully Ritter Gordon, she marries cowboy Benjamin Colter, widowed eight years earlier by Gordon's gang. Patrick's Day party, moonlighting homicide detective Bucky Deavers, former partner of Atlanta PI Callahan Garrity, is shot during an apparent liquor store holdup. Garrity investigates amid allegations that her longtime friend Bucky's second job may be linked to a series of robberies. Rip and Charley hijack the spacecraft after the Libyan army and a demonic billionaire attempt to lay claim to it.

Some violence and some strong language. Austell returns to his Cornwall estate in and discovers his first love, Lady Penelope, in a spy scandal. Penelope is secretly trying to clear her family's name of treason, but Charles has come to investigate the same case. Descriptions of sex and some strong language.

While Alexandra gives lessons in propriety, Lucien who also requires a wife has another, far less respectable lesson in mind. Some explicit descriptions of sex. Tired of waiting for the marquis of Templeton to come to his senses and marry her, twenty-nine-year-old Lady Diana Fordham stages an elopement with a disreputable viscount. Templeton, a Foreign Office secret agent, is ordered to save her--exactly what Diana had intended.

Greeley read by Gregory Gorton 2 cassettes The archbishop of Chicago's cousin, captain David "Speed" Cronin, commands a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier haunted by ancient Irish ghosts. The archbishop enlists bishop "Blackie" Ryan's aid. Motion sickness pills help Ryan deal with missing sailors and Irish mythology. Mean-while, thugs kidnap Rip Cantrell's uncle and force him to fly to the moon. Rip and Charley steal the spacecraft Saucer RC from the Smithsonian to save his uncle and the world. This decision, however, pales when compared to the one she must make after an old flame comes back into her life.

Jewish ex-prizefighter detective Benjamin Weaver from A Conspiracy of Paper RC , framed for murder, escapes from prison and attempts to prove his innocence. With the first general election between Tories and Whigs looming, his investigation uncovers political corruption. Impoverished aristocrat Annabelle attracts rich commoner Simon, who only wants a mistress.

Wealthy Evangeline and American sisters Daisy and Lillian conspire to manipulate the situation. The young headmistress, however, is determined to outwit her arrogant new landlord. The confrontation leads to a wager--and romance. Concluding that Ferrero's demise was not accidental, Rome detective Zen investigates the victim's past and uncovers a s plot to overthrow the government by a clandestine group whose current members are intent on remaining secret.

Settlers in the foothills turn the wilderness into farmland and villages. Judge Temple and his daughter, Elizabeth, help to establish a new civilization, while the natives and frontiersmen are driven out. Old hunter Natty Bumppo, called Leatherstocking, observes the changing environment with regret. His stolen laptop contained incriminating government secrets. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. To Mary's surprise the nobleman kidnaps her and takes her to Paris, intent on marriage.

The Codex RC by Douglas Preston read by Ted Stoddard 3 cassettes When Tom Broadbent and his brothers discover that their tomb-robbing father has taken his priceless collection of antiquities including a Mayan codex and gone into hiding, they search the globe for him. Others soon join the hunt. Some descriptions of sex, some violence, and some strong language. When the baby's mother appears at their house a few days later, her presence forces the Dillons to deal with their grief over the loss of Nicky's mother and sister. But now that she is a pampered and polished young lady, he fears Cleone will not love him.

So Philip leaves for the courts of France to acquire the necessary social graces. But his transformation may cost him what he wants most. When an old recluse called "Peg Leg" is murdered, chief superintendent Maigret finds it difficult to establish a motive. Wheeler read by David Hartley-Margolin 2 cassettes When sheriff Blue Smith discovers a bullet-ridden body at his favorite fishing hole, he looks for the killer.

Another murder closer to home makes clear that Blue and his family are targets. Just released after years in prison, his daughter's former sweetheart Jack Castle wants Blue to pay for sending him there. In reality, they are to serve as human collateral in a deal to acquire slaves. Regarded as curiosities, the two cousins choose different courses of action.

Fictionalized account of historical figures. The complications occur when her father, who already has his young mistress with them, invites Anne, a friend of his deceased wife, to visit. All the while he is shadowed by a mysterious observer who narrates portions of the story and intrudes on Pronek's life. Meanwhile Rebus is suspected in the death of a colleague's alleged stalker. They recount Carter's strange adventures during the ten years after he lost consciousness in an Arizona cave and was teleported to Mars.

In Oedipus the King , a young man is warned by an oracle that he will kill his father and marry his mother. Oedipus at Colonus describes how the people of Thebes seek the return of the aged exile. In Antigone , the new king of Thebes refuses to permit his nephew's burial.

Antigone defies his edict and suffers the consequences. When Donald's murder puts Hazel under suspicion, Gemma summons her own lover and former partner, Duncan Kincaid, to help investigate. Practical Phoebe, however, regards Sylvester as arrogant and rude. But when unusual circumstances bring them together, they fall in love. State of Fear RC by Michael Crichton read by Jack Fox 3 cassettes Philanthropist and environmental sponsor George Morton suspects that ecoterrorists plan to create natural disasters to promote the theory of global warming.

She continues her quest for the mystical Pearl, believed to hold the key to Kundalan salvation. Violence and some explicit descriptions of sex. As the Derlavaian War winds down, warring nations Algarve and Unkerlant mobilize forces for final battles. Soldiers, sorcerers, and civilians face their greatest challenges yet on the road to peace. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. Fighter pilot Tim Rowan of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve is injured while serving on a makeshift escort carrier for an Allied convoy. After he recovers, he is sent to Australia where he falls in love with the rear admiral's wife.

Subsequent murders of police point to a turf battle between rival law enforcement agencies. Heinlein read by Fred Major 2 cassettes Reissue Telepathic teenaged twins Pat and Tom Bartlett make communication possible between Earth and spaceships exploring distant solar systems. Uncertain if they will meet again, Tom, who is forever young in space, relays his adventures to Pat, who remains--and ultimately ages--on Earth. Perry read by Richard Hauenstein 2 cassettes Chaos embroils them following the Bajoran First Minister's assassination, as Colonel Kira Nerys investigates a parasitic conspiracy threatening Bajor and the Federation.

Wormwood RC by G. Taylor read by John Polk 2 cassettes Eighteenth-century London. As a deadly comet hurtles toward the city, Dr. Sabian Blake and his fourteen-year-old housemaid Agetta battle dark forces. Evil spirits seek the secrets of the universe in an ancient, powerful book of Blake's.

Sequel to Shadowmancer RC In "Some Like It Hot" a doctor falls for a member of his best friend's office staff. In "My Thief" a businessman finds a naked woman waiting inside his hotel room. This good deed lands Barron a security position at Barrow's studio. The cop squires around actors and starlets and soon gets involved with gangster Bugsy Siegel. Hour Game RC by David Baldacci read by Dan Bloom 3 cassettes Former Virginia secret service agents, now private detectives, Michelle Maxwell and Sean King from Split Second RC attempt to solve a burglary when they are solicited to investigate another case--a series of murders that strongly resemble other infamous crimes.

In the same hospital, a clown murders medical staff before escaping with his own newborn son. Years later the predictions come true when the clown's son abducts Jimmy. The latest victim is a Mideast expert investigating arms dealings. Agent Sam Fisher travels to Iraq to uncover terrorist connections. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Blending old-fashioned romance and historical detail, the story chronicles the family's careers and wanderings, ending with the close of John's presidency in Last year his teenaged son stayed on to pursue a photography career.

Manhattan librarian Catherine Tierney buys her trees from Chris and looks out for the boy. Love is soon in the air. To make matters worse, a misadventure lands him at the Middenhall mansion with a chief constable, his wife, her lesbian lover, and Marjorie Midden. When the body of Shayna's boyfriend turns up in her trunk, Shayna becomes the prime murder suspect. Callie's investigation finds international implications and deadly deception. Stella falls in love with landscape designer Logan Kitridge, but the ghost haunting the manor disapproves.

Hamilton read by Annie Wauters 3 cassettes Following several assassination attempts, faerie princess Meredith NicEssus hides in Los Angeles posing as an investigator specializing in supernatural crime. Suddenly outed and summoned back to the royal court, Meredith returns to discover the true intentions of her aunt, the Queen.

Local lawyer Dirk Burnaby falls in love with Ariah and marries her. But when he later takes on the Love Canal lawsuit he becomes estranged from his family. Finney, however, harbors doubts about such methods and regrets his past government "experiments. In Home for Christmas a young man returns to his hometown after a ten-year absence. Includes three holiday recipes. Carnival psychic Samantha Burke, Jordan's former lover, arrives to assist in the search but becomes the next target. His wife, Ruth, goes with her. As they grieve together, Naomi faces a secret shame from her past.

Based on the biblical story of Ruth. A Cry from the Dark RC by Robert Barnard read by Anne Flosnik 2 cassettes Esteemed and wealthy, eighty-year-old London novelist Bettina Whitelaw, immersed in writing her memoirs, senses that someone has secretly entered her apartment. While she visits Edinburgh, her flat is ransacked and the housesitter slain. Bettina's ghastly secrets come to light as the list of suspects expands.

After university, gay Nick Guest moves into the London mansion of his friend Toby, whose father is a conservative politician. Nick has relationships with a black clerk and later a Lebanese millionaire while enjoying a privileged lifestyle. Explicit descriptions of sex and strong language.

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