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A report is a formal written account of a specific matter that a person has observed or investigated in some depth. In the workplace , the report plays an important role, whether you are preparing one for your supervisor , the executive staff, board of directors, or clients. It may be short and simple, in the form of a memo or email , or it may be more formal and several pages long. Whatever its length, content, or destination, the end result is the same: a report must be informative, factual, understandable, and neatly presented.

This requires research, focus, and patience. How To Write Business Reports A report is a formal written account of a specific matter that a person has observed or investigated in some depth. The findings describe the data or other important information the report produced. Conclusions are drawn on the findings which provide reasons for recommendations.

Q. How do I write a professional business report?

The recommendations are specific suggestions made based on the conclusions of the report. Overall satisfaction with our current benefits package Problems encountered when dealing with the personnel department Suggestions for the improvement of communication policies Problems encountered when dealing with our HMO. Employees were generally satisfied with the current benefits package. Some problems were encountered when requesting vacation due to what is perceived as long approval waiting periods.

Older employees repeatedly had problems with HMO prescription drugs procedures. Employees between the ages of 22 and 30 report few problems with HMO. Most employees complain about the lack of dental insurance in our benefits package. The most common suggestion for improvement was for the ability to process benefits requests online. Older employees, those over 50, are having serious problems with our HMO's ability to provide prescription drugs. Our benefits request system needs to be revised as most complaints concerning in-house processing.

Improvements need to take place in personnel department response time. Information technology improvements should be considered as employees become more technologically savvy. Meet with HMO representatives to discuss the serious nature of complaints concerning prescription drug benefits for older employees. Give priority to vacation request response time as employees need faster approval in order to be able to plan their vacations.

Take no special actions for the benefits package of younger employees. Discuss the possibility of adding an online benefits requests system to our company Intranet. A report is divided into four areas: Terms of Reference - This section gives background information on the reason for the report. It usually includes the person requesting the report. Procedure - The procedure provides the exact steps taken and methods used for the report. Findings - The findings point out discoveries made during the course of the report investigation.

Conclusions - The conclusions provide logical conclusions based on the findings.

Simple and Useful Tips on Writing a Business Report

Recommendations - The recommendations state actions that the writer of the report feels need to be taken based on the findings and conclusions. Reports should be concise and factual. Opinions are given in the "conclusions" section. However, these opinions should be based on facts presented in the "findings". Use simple tenses usually the present simple to express facts. Use the imperative form Discuss the possibility Continue learning about other types of business documents using these resources:.

Example Memo. From: Management. To: Northwest Area Sales Staff. Here is a look at the procedure you will need to follow to complete your area's client list:.

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  6. These will be issued next week. Once you have logged on, click on "New Client". Enter the appropriate client information. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have entered all of your clients. Once this information has been entered, select "Place Order". Click on the "Process Order" button.

    Thank you all for your help in putting this new system into place. A memo is generally is not as formal as a written letter.

    The tone of a memo is generally friendly as it is a communication between colleagues. Keep the memo concise and to the point.

    Composing Business Reports and Proposals

    If necessary, introduce the reason for the memo with a short paragraph. Use bullet points to explain the most important steps in a process. Use a short thank you to finish the memo. This need not be as formal as in a written letter. Example 1: Formal.

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    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I look forward to your response. Example 2: Informal. At Example 3: Very Informal.

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