Essay on an indian soldier

We all have love, respect and admiration for our soldiers and the Indian army as a whole.

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As we all know, Indian army has a long and glorious history. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about everything in such a limited space. Still I have tried to touch all the main points and also have tried to speak my heart out. I hope you will be able to appreciate my efforts and the essays.

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  • Whenever I think of Indian army I also wanted to become a solider , I become happy. I feel, we are lucky to have such an institution of which we can really feel proud.

    Essay on " Indian Army" English Essay for Class 8,9,10 and 12

    A common person knows very little about Indian Army because maximum of the things are classified. Still there is sufficient information in public domain. In the following Indian Army essay, I have tried to put all that information here and also have given my view point. I hope following essay on Indian Army will be appreciated and liked by you. Indian army is the land-based unit, while Indian Airforce deals in air defence and Indian Navy is the naval unit.

    Our Indian army is the second largest in the world with about 1.

    Essay on an Indian Soldier

    Indian army is mainly responsible to protect the country against land based attacks. It also lends a helping hand to other agencies in dealing with terrorism, tackling emergency situations in the country and also rescuing people in case of natural calamities like flood, earthquake etc. As Indian army is very huge, it is divided into regiments. Some important regiments are Punjab regiment, Madras regiment, Rajputana rifles, Sikh regiment etc. After independence it has also fought many full-fledged wars like the Kargil war , Bangladesh liberation war , India -Pakistan war , India-China war and first Kashmir war Besides these, Indian army has also handled some smaller conflicts like Siachen conflict , Operation Polo , India-China conflict etc.

    Asking about the importance of Indian Army in India is like asking the importance of heart in a human body. It would not be wrong to say that there would be no India without Indian Army. It is the backbone of the country. It is also one of the few institutions left in the country which could be considered as completely neutral and reliable. If any thing goes really wrong in the country, we look at the army for solutions, be it riot control, counter insurgency, fighting terrorism, fighting Naxalites and even getting medals in international sporting events.

    The main role of the Indian army is of course defending our country from external and internal threats. It has proven its mettle many times. After independence it has fought five major wars and has also handled many smaller conflicts successfully.

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    It has fought wars and won even when enemies had superior weapons. For example, in Pakistan had Patton tanks gifted to them by America. They were considered invincible at that time. India did not have anything that could match those Patton tanks.

    Still Indian army was able to defeat Pakistani tanks in the battle of Asal Uttar. Havildar Abdul Hamid single handily destroyed six Pakistani tanks with his jeep mounted recoilless rifle and died trying to destroy the seventh. It is believed that Americans came to India to know the method and equipment by which their invincible Patton tanks were destroyed.

    It is believed that India refused their request. Indian army also had successfully handled many riots, for example Godhra riots, Mumbai riots, riots etc. Currently it has about 1. It has also produced many notable sports persons who have brought laurels to our country. Indian army is one of the best forces in the world. For a soldier, in the words of Longfellow.

    He fights up to the last moment of his life in order to protect his motherland. He sacrifices everything for the sake of the nation.

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    It is he who has to live miles away from his family. It is he who goes into the jaws of the death while defending his country. His life is not a bed of roses, rather, it is a bed of thorns With his meagre income, he feeds himself and his family. The life of a soldier is really very hard, but he is not scared of it. For him, defence of the country is the foremost in his duties and responsibilities.

    During the war, he fights bravely but at the same time, he helps the civilian population as well. He is ready to accept any challenge any time, in any part of the country.

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    In war time, he fights at the front. When there is peace he helps the government in meeting any emergency or calamity that the country may be called upon to face. He is brave and courageous. He always maintains the true traditions of the great Indian army. He knows that his job is to obey the orders of the superiors and not to question their decisions. He is loyal to the country.

    He works in sun or shine, snow or shower, without any complaint or hesitation. May God help him to maintain the glory and integrity of this great country. I think a politician, a writer, a school teacher play their own roles through their abilities, but the role, which a soldier plays while safeguarding the frontiers of the motherland, is most important and unique.

    A soldier lives for the nation and dies for her dignity. So, We all should feel proud for our soldiers. Your email address will not be published. About Vision Website Inauguration Function. Secondary Hindi Sr. Secondary Punjab Sr. The Indian Soldier Life of soldier is really tough.