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Quick jump to page content. Published: Nov 28, Main Article Content Anna Tomaszewska. In the "Transcendental Aesthetic", as well as in some of the pre-Critical writings Concerning the ultimate foundation of the differentiation of regions in space or the "Inaugural Dissertation" , Kant presented a range of arguments for a subjective, non-discursive character of space and time, i.

On this reading of the Kantian theory of empirical cognition, intentionality is independent of and prior to any application of concepts to the objects of experience. Downloads Download data is not yet available.

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Is perception concept-dependent according to Kant?. Diametros , n. No 15 Author Biography. Dennett [] — Daniel C. University of Southern California.

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Tome II: Unite de la Science pp. Paris: Hermann. Psychology as a science of objective relations. Volume II.

Unity of science. Paper is in French. Prag: Orbis. Eindruckscharaktere schematisierter Gesichter. Impression-characteristics of schematized faces Brunswik, E. Perceptual size-constancy in early infancy. Psychological Bulletin , 34 , Philosophy of Science , 4 , Errata: Philosophy of Science , , 5, Das Induktionsprinzip in der Wahrnehmung.

Meyerson Eds.

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Rapports et Comptes Rendus pp. Paris: Alcan. The principle of induction in perception. Proceedings of the 11th International Congress for Psychology in Paris, Die Eingliederung der Psychologie in die exakten Wissenschaften. Einheitswissenschaft , 6 , The position of psychology within the exact sciences Brunswik, E.

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Perceptual characteristics of schematized human figures. Psychological Bulletin , 36 , Abstract: Twelve variations of a graphic, crudely schematized human figure, about half of them involving changes of facial appearance besides those of stature were presented to 58 students using the method of paired comparison. Among the six apparent characteristics tested, greatest agreement among the subjects was found for "good-lookingness," followed in declining order by "age," "energy", "likeability", "happiness", "intelligence. Besides the general tendency to perceive as more intelligent the standard medium figure, men seem to rate athletic more intelligent than leptosomatic figures with little emphasis on height, women are more intelligent than short figures with little emphasis on breadth.

For such qualities as happy, good-looking, and energetic, however, women seem to be favorably impressed also by breadth. An example of the tendency toward ambivalent effects is shown by the addition of spectacles to the standard face which increases apparent intelligence and decreases good-lookingness of the figure. Probability as a determiner of rat behavior.

Journal of Experimental Psychology , 25 , The conceptual focus of some psychological systems. Journal of Unified Science Erkenntnis , 8 , Also in Marx, M. Theories in Contemporary Psychology. New York: Macmillan, pp. Thing constancy as measured by correlation coefficients. Psychological Review , 47 , A random sample of estimated sizes and their relation to corresponding size measurements. Psychological Bulletin , 37 , Abstract: A subject was asked to give intuitive as well as critical estimates -- each in different attitudes -- of the extension of an object most conspicuous to him at the moment.

The conditions included indoor and outdoor situations representative of the activities pursued during a normal day. The material comprises a total of of such situations. Objective measurements of the objects as well as of their distances from the eye were also obtained, showing approximately normal distributions.

Almost perfect correlations between measured and estimated sizes were found, indicating the presence of perceptual size-constancy in an unbiased sample of "natural" test situations. Perceptual size-constancy in life situations. Psychological Bulletin , 38 , Abstract: A sample of 93 frontal objects of various sizes and distances representative of perceptial situations in everday life was secured by obtaining from a subject, at irregular intervals during normal activities, reports of the incidental perceptual contents.

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Immedidate perceptual estimates as well as critical ones of object-size distal stimulus , visual angle proximal, "retinals," stimulus , and of distance were given by both subject and experimenter. The latter also secured the corresponding objective measures. The sizes range from a few mm. Perceptual estimates show, on the whole, much better agreement with the corresponding stimulus variable when this variable is distan object-size indicating good perceptual size-constancy , or when it is distance, than when it is proximal size supporting evidence against the "constancy-hypothesis".

Various correlations computed between the estimates and the environmental variables after elimination of the environmental correlation between object-size and retinal size are between. Averages of errors follow a similar pattern. The generality of further findings of laboratory experimentation, such as the comparative overestimation of near objects perceptual compremise between distal and proximal size , and the improvement of estimates by shifting from the purely perceptual to the critically controlled attitudes was also demonstrated by our random sample of size estimates.

There also is some indication of the relative independence of the distance functionally "taken into consideration" in the establishment of size-constancy, and the explicat "conscious" estimates of distance. Overestimation of vertical as contrasted to horizontal extensions was not borne out by our data. Organismic achievement and environmental probability. Psychological Review , 50 , Part of "Symposium on Psychology and Scientific Method," held in Other speakers were C.

Hull and K. Psychological Theory. Distal focussing of perception: Size constancy in a representative sample of situations.

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Psychological Monographs , 56 , Social perception of traits from photographs. Psychological Bulletin , 42 , Abstract: Psychology classes totalling 95 subjects judged standardized photographs of 46 Army STP students IQ approximately 90 to unknown to them. Correlating "real" traits mutual ASTP ratings, for intelligence also tests with corresponding average intuitive estimates shows social perceptual validity "achievement" to be negligible for intelligence under. Goodlookingness yields. Halos among judgments are strong, and unrealistic considering low corresponding real-trait relationships added in parenthesis : intelligence with energy, Among facial features, forehead-height shows only.

Points of view: Components of psychological theorizing. Harriman Ed.

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  • Four types of experiment. American Psychologist , 1 , Systematic and representative design of psychological experiments. With results in physical and social perception. Berkeley: University of California Press. Also published in J. Neyman Ed.

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    • Statistical separation of perception, thinking, and attitudes. American Psychologist , 3 , Discussion: Remarks on functionalism in perception. Journal of Personality , 18 , Also appears in Bruner, J. Perception and Personality: A Symposium. Note on Hammond's analogy between "relativity and representativeness". Philosophy of Science , 18 , Probability learning of perceptual cues in the establishment of a weight illusion. Journal of Experimental Psychology , 41 , Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Pre-publication announced as Methodological Foundations of Psychology and earlier as E.