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Companies generally look for students who can come up with interesting and innovative solutions to problems. The student representative, Emily Rubin, then showed the results to campus administrators, stressing that the survey indicated a hunger for new features like those offered by Google. Do you have the same creativity and ability to follow through?

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Are you active in student groups and clubs on campus? That means working without a direct supervisor, staying motivated, and following through on projects.

Become a Student Rep or an Ambassador

So what do you think? Homework time! Why not come up with a proposal and suggest that they let you pilot one? These are all skills highly sought after by employers regardless of what industry you choose after graduation.

Having ISA on your CV shows you can handle responsibility and are able to work with people from all walks of life. Being an ISA is a great opportunity to meet all types of new people.

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This could prove to be invaluable networking time and will give you a glowing reputation with faculty that could stand you in good stead when in need of recommendation letters or contacts for a potential position. Most universities offering ISA positions will provide training sessions and full campus tours to get you fully acquainted with all the nitty gritty of university life.

Some universities will pay ISAs. We know all too well the financial strain students can face, especially with international tuition fees.

Community Ambassador Scholarship | Eastern Illinois University

Source: Education UK. Having a friendly face when you arrive at a new university can make a world of difference to how you settle in and how much you enjoy that first semester. Being an ISA means you get to meet new friends, try new activities, run workshops and help others along the way.

Working as a Student Ambassador - Benefits of being a Student Ambassador - Student vlog

Why you should become a student ambassador when you study in the UK. Gold Coast is the Place to Study: Hear it from the student ambassadors.